Love Medina


GIVE IT AWAY is Grace Church’s effort to share the story and message of Jesus with others in our community and around the world. This spring, our focus is on helping families in need in our community through Love Medina! Included in the initial plan was a day of service and an ongoing charitable fund to support these efforts called 5&Change. In light of current events, caring for our community is more important than ever! We are doubling down on this cause and expanding this initiative.

Medina East Campus is mobilizing its people and Life Groups to tangibly share the love and hope of God with our neighbors in Medina County. Do you need help? Can you help others? See details below.

I Need Help!

We are available and eager to hear from you. If you have an immediate, urgent need, fill out the  Love Medina Application below. You will be contacted within 24 hours.

Possible Areas of Assistance:

• Groceries and supplies for elderly, sick and families in need.

• Other immediate and vital needs.

*Our desire is to provide assistance to as many applicants as possible. Funds will be allocated to the most critical needs.

If you have a prayer request or if you would like someone to pray with you, fill out the Connect Card below. You may also call Grace Church, Medina East Campus at 330-239-2600 and leave a message for the Pastor on Call.

I Can Help!

Join our effort to Love Medina! Here’s what you can do —

  1. Pray for families, our church, and our community to experience the love and hope of Jesus during this time. Pray for wisdom and guidance for our government and those in leadership.
  2. Give to 5&Change below. 5&Change is our church’s way to use the change in our pockets, or whatever you can spare, to affect lives. 100% of the donations to 5&Change will go toward our initiative to Love Medina by meeting immediate, critical needs of people in Medina County.
  3. Go and help those in need. Fill out the Volunteer Application, and you will be notified of specific ways you can help people in our community. Also, check out other ways to go below!

Stay tuned! The plan is evolving!

Check back for updates on how we can Love Medina!

Message from Medina Mayor Dennis Hanwell and Medina County Health Commissioner Krista Wasowski:

Together we will be safer and spread less of the disease if we emphasize the following:

• Remember to social distance, wash hands, avoid close contact, and shelter in homes as much as possible.
• If essential shopping is required, limit trips to as few people as possible.