Rhythms, Habits, & Practices

Throughout the Summer months, our campus will be walking through a series in our weekend services called Patterns That Change Us. This conversation is all about discovering the rhythms, habits and practices that Jesus gave (and modeled) to his followers so that they could grow spiritually and, as the Apostle John said, “conduct our lives in the same way he conducted his.” In an effort to get really practical in the exercise of these patterns, our team has developed the Practicing the Patterns videocast as a supplement to these weekend conversations. Our aim in these 10-15 minute discussions is to dialogue with Christ-followers who have embraced these spiritual habits of discipleship (i.e. following Jesus’ way of life)—to glean insight from practitioners of these patterns—so that we can begin to incorporate these into our lives in effective ways.


Practicing Solitude & Community

Practicing Fasting & Feasting

Practicing Secrecy & Confession

Practicing Simplicity & Generosity

Practicing Praying & Acting

Practicing Worshipping Together & Private Meditation

Practicing Work & Rest