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Love Medina
May 4th/5th

Love Medina is where the Churches of Medina build relationships with the people of Medina through a weekend of serving in our local communities. We offer up the purchase of basic supplies and mobilizing our people to provide “free labor” for outdoor service projects, simply to express the love of Jesus to those in our community.

This year we are making things better for our Team Captains and you! Learn more below.

Foster Care Orientation
Sunday, April 7, 1:15pm, Rm. 109

A space for the Medina County Foster Care office to meet with families interested in fostering, answer questions, and give them a brief orientation.

Foster Support Team Interest Meeting
Sunday, April 14, 9:15am, Rm. 201

Nationwide 50% of foster parents quit after the first year, but when supported with a care team 90% continue to foster. Giving a few hours a month can help foster a child.

Foster Family Support Teams provide continuing support and encouragement to foster and kinship families in our congregation, and our community. Having the love of Jesus shown to them through prayer, meals, respite care, and a variety of other ways, foster families know that they are not alone in their efforts to love and care for these most vulnerable children.

If you are interested in being part of a Foster Family Support Team, or even leading a team, this interest meeting is your first step. We will provide you with additional insight into foster care, the needs of vulnerable children, and the many ways that you can help.

Bible Camp
June 24-28, 6:30-9:00pm

At Start the Party Bible Camp, Jesus gives us the most amazing reason to party. That’s why we believe God’s love and the Gospel of Jesus is the best news ever. Through fun activities, engaging lessons, and God’s Word, we’ll help kids understand how they can follow Jesus. Learn more and register your child or register to volunteer below.

Discovery: Intro
Sunday, April 14, 1:30pm-4:00pm

Your journey begins here. Intro is the starting point for understanding the history, purpose, vision, and values of the Medina East Campus—the point where we reveal the heartbeat for our existence and share exactly what “makes us tick.”

You’ll discover that everything we do revolves around the Gospel—the story of Jesus—and how that story intersects with our lives and propels us to be more like Christ. A light lunch is provided. Childcare is provided.

Discovery: Equip
Sunday, April 27, 9:00am-2:15pm

“What are the tools I need to be a fully invested part of the family at Grace Church?” This is what we answer at Equip. Together we’ll look at how the Gospel grows in our lives and leads us to discipleship—the dynamic process of learning the rhythms and habits of Jesus’ way of living. You’ll learn how discipleship serves as a kind of compass that points us toward key areas of involvement in and outside the church.

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At Grace Church, we are committed to fostering intergenerational relationships and creating environments for the spiritual growth of the next generation. Retreats, camps, and conferences provide unique opportunities for our children, students, and young adults to develop and strengthen these relationships and to experience the life-changing power of the gospel.

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