As we begin to know Jesus and live out knowing Him, we should be motivated to share and invite others into that relationship. Give It Away exists to equip Life Groups, families and individuals, to regularly engage being on mission locally and take part of missions globally to share the love of Jesus and make disciples of all nations!


One aspect of Give It Away is making disciples. This means both introducing someone to Jesus for the first time and growing those that know Jesus closer to Him.

Another aspect is participating in mission and missions. This means both seeing our every day lives in view of Jesus’ mission, while taking part of planned missions opportunities. 

Give It Away

Current Focus

Let’s make a lasting impact together! Every couple of months, our church has the opportunity to collectively focus on specific local or global Give It Away efforts. Check in often to see our current focus and find out how you can PRAY, GIVE, GO!


Cups Cafe Building Project

Give to help launch the renovation of Cups Cafe’s basement space to be used for youth and community.

Pray for their impact in the community, volunteers to help serve and for their building project success.

Give below with 5&Change.

Go by serving at Cups Cafe! Check their website for more information.

Sanyuka Meal Train

Children of Sanyuka in Uganda Africa are here! Sign up to provide measl and conversations to the Sanyuka children and staff.

Pray for their ministry awareness and connections.

Give meals or consider sponsoring a child!

Go by serving those meals to the Sanyuka children.

Give It Away


5&Change is all about what we can do together to make an impact in our community and in our world. Imagine if we all gave $5 or some change to help make a change. About every other month, and sometimes coinciding with our “current focus” we will pursue a new local or global initiative and practice generosity for our community and world!


Cups Cafe Building Project

With your generosity, 100% of the money given will go directly toward helping Cups Cafe launch a new project.

They will be creating an even more suitable environment for individuals, families and youth to have a space for eating and community as well as an intentional space for youth to have fun and community.

The resources you provide will be a jumpstart for this vision to come to reality as they serve our community. They are even partnering with Medina Conti Career Center’s High School seniors that are in the construction trade division to help accomplish the renovations.



Everyone can pray.

Join us in praying for the message and story of Jesus to be shared in our community and world. Pray for disciples to be made, ministries and organizations to love and serve others, and for those that are sent to be encouraged and fruitful!




Many can give.

Along with prayer, generosity is a major way to tangibly give away the story and message of Jesus to others. Imagine what we can do if we leverage our resources together for others to make an impact in our community and world!




Let’s go.

As we pray and give we are actively going to those in need of the message and story of Jesus. Whether we are going across our street, our country or our world, we are called to go!