As we begin to know Jesus and live out knowing Him, we should be motivated to share and invite others into that relationship. Give It Away exists to equip Life Groups, families and individuals, to regularly engage being on mission locally and take part of missions globally to share the love of Jesus and make disciples of all nations!


One aspect of Give It Away is making disciples. This means both introducing someone to Jesus for the first time and growing those that know Jesus closer to Him.

Another aspect is participating in mission and missions. This means both seeing our every day lives in view of Jesus’ mission, while taking part of planned missions opportunities. 

Meal Train

Sanyuka has sent 15 of their children to Ohio in promotion of their choir and putting on Ugandan services at various churches. The children are using the Grace Church, Medina East Campus building throughout the week for their normal schooling and we have the awesome opportunity to provide meals and conversation to them!


Trip Dates: March 20-29, 2020 – *Application deadline August 25th.
Info Meeting: June 2, 2019.
Age Range: Open 
Trip Cost: $1,100 + Airfare
Trip Description: Our partnership in Mazatlan involves working alongside churches in and out of Mazatlan, Mexico. The groups that serve in Mazatlan partner with the local church to put on health fairs, provide some help on physical projects, camps for the kids, and outreaches in the community!

Give It Away

Current Focus

Let’s make a lasting impact together! Every couple of months, our church has the opportunity to collectively focus on specific local or global Give It Away efforts. Check in often to see our current focus and find out how you can PRAY, GIVE, GO!

Mobilizing Churches to:

Assist in foster care deflection. Reduce abuse & neglect. Family reunification & stabilization. Ongoing relationship with placing parent.

Pray for broken family situations in our community and our church’s engagement.

Give through 5&Change to help mobilize more families to support families in need.

Go to an interest/update meeting on July 21st (9:15a @The Upper Room) or fill out an application to be trained and serve in one of their 4 volunteer roles. 


Contact Jordan & Kailey Clark at jordanclark1207@gmail.com for more questions.

Give It Away


5&Change is all about what we can do together to make an impact in our community and in our world. Imagine if we all gave $5 or some change to help make a change. About every other month, and sometimes coinciding with our “current focus” we will pursue a new local or global initiative and practice generosity for our community and world!


Restore families. Keep kids safe.

With your generosity, 100% of the money given will go directly toward Safe Families efforts to keep kids safe.

The impact we can have on community via 5&Change is huge. It costs Safe Families 10$/week to host an unsafe child (average hosting time being 6weeks). For $60 we can help keep a family intact, decrease the likelihood of child abuse & provide family support and stabilization during a time of crisis. 

Many of you and others have signed up to volunteer with SF in one of their various roles. We want to help relieve any obstacles limiting our people’s mobilization including financial as you feed extra mouths during those few hosting weeks. 

With your $5 and or some change, we can mobilize our own people and others in the Safe Family network to make a change in young lives and families. 



Everyone can pray.

Join us in praying for the message and story of Jesus to be shared in our community and world. Pray for disciples to be made, ministries and organizations to love and serve others, and for those that are sent to be encouraged and fruitful!




Many can give.

Along with prayer, generosity is a major way to tangibly give away the story and message of Jesus to others. Imagine what we can do if we leverage our resources together for others to make an impact in our community and world!




Let’s go.

As we pray and give we are actively going to those in need of the message and story of Jesus. Whether we are going across our street, our country or our world, we are called to go!